Monday, October 19, 2009

A Different Kind of Card --- A Tribute to Heroes

I'm taking a bit of a break tonight from my usual stamped cards to share a set of cards I am very proud of. Some of you might have seen this on one of my other blogs, but since I wrote this it has taken on a life of its own.

Called "When Our Sons Become Our Heroes" this was inspired by a conversation I had with a blogger many of us know and love, the very talented and warm-hearted Carolyn at PMS, etc. Her son recently joined the Army and will be deployed to Afghanistan. My son has been in the Navy 13 years and has been deployed all over the world, including a year in Iraq. As we talked we reminisced, sharing stories of our boys. The next morning I woke up with this on my heart. Within 20 minutes it was on my computer. Carolyn was the first one to see this, and I continue to dedicate it to her and Jonathon and my son Scott.

Since writing this I have made cards and posters, selling many of each. I was even asked to autograph two of them yesterday! There is also a slightly modified version for "Daughters". This week I am going with a friend, a veteran, to the Veterans' Museum here in Branson to donate a framed poster-size of each tribute. I have also been invited to a local high school's Veteran's Day banquet where students will read these as part of the program. I am just blown away by this. As my Aunt Lorraine said "God put this in your heart for it to come out at the right time." And I am grateful.

My mother wrote a description for the back of the card that tells how this all came about.

As I write this, my 84-year old uncle, a WWII Navy veteran, is preparing for a trip to Washington, DC to visit the WWII Memorial. He is battling cancer, but this trip has him so excited he is giddy! Des Moines, IA-based Hy-Vee food stores is sponsoring these trips for the veterans. God bless our vets, and Hy-Vee!
God bless all our troops, at home and abroad.
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SemSee said...

This is beautiful Barb ... your words make me weep...xx

Carolyn Bounds said...

Barb, no matter how often I read this, my heart swells...I get a lump in my throat...and the tears just stream down my face. The conversation you are speaking of helped me more than I could ever express. It was as if a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders...and I know you and God were there to lift it from me. I thank you for listening to my fears and concerns...for allowing me to cry...but most of all, for being such a thoughtful and caring friend!!! I hope you know how very much I cherish your friendship!! What can I say...I love you!!!

Huge Hugs!!!

Scrappin' Kat Woman said...

Wow, what a heartfelt reminder for all of us. Thanks so much for sharing.

Chrissie said...

Oh Barb, what a wonderful tribute this is, I'm writing this comment with tears in my eyes.
I am lucky enough to have never had to face this with my two sons, but I feel so much for those mothers who have had to go through this, whatever their nationality.
Bless you for putting into words how much gratitude we all owe to our troops, and for reminding us they are all someone's children.

Jennifer Scull said...

just beautiful!!! :) thank you so much for posting this!

Lynette said...

Wow, Barb - this is awesome! What a wonderful tribute - so well-written.

PS - there is a picture of my dad, brother and nephew hanging there, too:)

MiamiKel said...

Barb, This is the most moving post - such an inspiration you are to many but this is truly a post that we can all feel humbled by and graced to have the freedom we do due to so many sons and daughters. What a wonderful post to start the day out with and what a blessing you are! Thanks so much for sharing this :*)