Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Good News Is.....

The good news is that I have been doing some coloring today, a good sign that my mojo is returning.

The bad news is that I "twanged" (my term for not quite a sprain, but more than a twinge) my hip when my bad knee gave out while I was putting my pants on.  Despite recommendations to the contrary, I continue to put my pants on one leg at a time --- while standing up.  Doesn't everyone?

The result is that I can't sit or stand for long periods of time, let alone finish reorganizing my craft studio.

Many thanks to all my pals who have sent me words of encouragement while I've been taking a break from crafting.  It seems I am not alone, either.  But, daily scanning through Google Reader is working to light the ol' creative spark again.

Hope to be posting again soon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I am taking a bit of a sabbatical while I sort out where my true passions lie.  I have been trying to do too many things because my creative side went into overdrive then it over heated, and evenutally overwhelmed me to the point where I just froze up.

Hopefully, I'll be back in line and on line in a couple of weeks.  Encouraging words and advice are most definitely welcome!

Love and hugs to you all!