Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great New Book: "The Book of Awesome"

While browsing the book rack at Walmart I found a book that brought a big smile to my face, muffled chuckles, and out-loud laughter!  It's called The Book of Awesome and is a collection of the simple moments in everyday life that are often overlooked, but really are the most awesome moments in everyday life.

Take things like finding money in a pocket of a coat you haven't worn since last winter; smelling fresh-baked cookies when you walk in the door; when your luggage tumbles down the chute first after a long flight; or having someone let you in a long line of traffic (that's a Branson awesome moment).  I love this book and the idea of looking back at my day and recalling the little things that are truly awesome. 

So, I am going to put a little box in the side bar and report these awesome moments.  Feel free to share yours!  You know you have them!

Neil Pasricha, the author of The Book of Awesome also has a website 1000 Awesome Things where he continues he quest for all things awesome.


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