Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Copics Certification Class Comes to Branson!

Those who know me, even a little, know that I LOVE COPICS!  I've been watching the Copics Certification Class schedule for over a year, but had to miss a couple of classes that were fairly close by.  However, that has all changed!  On September 3 Copics Certification is coming to BRANSON!  Woohoo!  I applied, was accepted and ready to go!  Oh, I just can't wait!!

If you are even thinking about taking the class, let me further entice you with my own plug for Branson.  The class is on Friday, so you can make a whole weekend of it:  live shows, boating, fishing, shopping, and the greatest restaurants!  And the scenery! Just driving through the beautiful winding country roads is so relaxing and invigorating! 

Ok, now, y'all come!  I can't wait to see my friends and make new ones!!

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Heather said...

WOOOHOO!!!! that is FANTASTIC and I know you are so super excited! Can't wait to hear all about it! :) HUGS!!!

Lauri said...

Yay for you! No more classes scheduled anywhere near me (boo!)....you will have so much fun! Maybe I should come to the class and go zip-lining! : )

Lynette said...

How fun for you, Barb!! Not that you need classes, though - you're already a pro!