Monday, February 28, 2011

Happileigh Scrappin' Challenge --- Ring the Bell!

This week at Happileigh Scrappin' we have a very special challenge.  It all started with crafters and designers coming together to make cards for Andrew, a 12- year old, baseball-loving boy who is suffering from cancerous brain tumors.  That is just so sad.  You can read more of his story here.  The good news is that Andrew has finished his chemo and got to "Ring the Bell!" 

I recently became aware of the celebration of ringing the bell when the last chemo treatment is finished.  My sister-in-law rang the bell after chemo for breast cancer.  What a joyful gesture for her, my brother and our entire family!  So this card is dedicated to Beth and to Andrew.

The digi stamps are by Leigh and are available at Happileigh Scrappin' Store.  There are also digis for a boy (Andrew) and a girl (Anne).  If you are interested in putting a big smile on a little boy's face you can take part in a challenge to make cards for Andrew.  Details about the challenge are at Leigh's blog here.

Also, this week my future daughter-in-law had surgery to remove her thyroid due to papillary carcinoma.  She is doing well and will have radiation treatment to make sure all cancer is removed.  This just five months before their wedding!  Naturally, this was a bump in the road that stopped them in their tracks, but only temporarily.  She is in good spirits and my son is providing lots of TLC.  Soon Paula will be ringing that bell..... then let the wedding bells ring!!

God bless Andrew, Beth and Paula and everyone struggling with this horrible disease.  May they all get to ring that bell!

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Stacy said...

Beautiful card! Touching post!!!Blessing to all the bell ringers!

Happileigh Scrappin' said...

Wonderful post Barb, God Bless your family.

Ruby Taylor said...

Your card is beautiful!! You and your family will be in my prayers!

Gina said...

I was not familiar with that custom either. What a great card to commemorate finishing chemo. Best wished to your future DIL.

Fink said...

Love the details of the card plus the colors you used. Prayers for everyone and winning their battle!

Lynette said...

Beautiful card, and I wish them all the best!