Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tis the Season of Awards!

Wow, I am overwhelmed at all the awards that have come my way. One of the best things about blogging is meeting people from all over the world with the same interests and being able to recognize their good works with awards. So receiving them is such a good feeling.

This week I received two more awards and they are so very special. The first one touches the cheerleader in me. Nancy at Windstar Creations gave me this one:

I love Nancy's beautiful cards. Even more I love her heart and her spirit of giving. She is one busy lady but still finds time to make literally hundreds of cards when duty calls. On top of all that, Nancy regularly visits her blogging buddies, leaving sincere comments and encouragement. Please take a jaunt to her blog and get to know my friend and encourager.

So many others have left me words of encouragement, which help to keep me going when sometimes the mojo just isn't there. So, I am passing this award along to these ladies who have been so generous with their comments and time:

1. Heidi
2. Leigh
3. Mary Jo
4. Carolyn
5. Barbara

The second award is this beauty that I received from another beauty Carolyn at P.M.S Etc. If you haven't seen Carolyn's work you just have to go visit! She is a fantastic crafter and a loving person. Here is what she sent me:

Isn't it gorgeous? I know I feel the love and want to pass it on to everyone! In particular, these five ladies have tugged at my heart because they generously spread the love to their fellow crafters and to their families and friends:

1. Patricia
2. Marion
3. Julie
4. Julie
5. Nancy

Please visit all these fantastic talented folks and spread the encouragement and love!


Chrissie said...

Congratulations on your awards Barb, they are very well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barb....I truly appreciate all the wonderful words and loving support you bring my way....And right back at you for all that you give and do!!

Myrt said...

....first of all, Barb, Congratulations on both awards. They are certainly well deserved. I did look at both Carolyn & Nancy's blog - you are right, they are both beautiful crafters.
Many thanks for the Love Blog's award - you are so sweet, Barb. I'm at a lost for words....

Julie said...

Barb, Congratulations on both your awards, you so totally deserve them. You certainly spread love with your kind words and actions.

Thank you so much for my very first blog award and oh what a beauty ! You are so very kind and your words of encouragment and kindness are much appreciated.

You made me blubber!! lol


Nestor Family said...

Barb- You are so sweet! Thank you for the award... and you are so welcome for the comments and encouragement. I would give this award right back atcha!!!! You are so talented... and kind.