Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Treasure of Greeting Cards from 64 Years Ago

There are many antique stores here in the Ozarks and they are full of treasures and trips down memory lane. I often look for, and find, old photographs. Looking at them I wonder who the folks in the pictures were, who did they love, what did they do for a living, and how did these priceless gems end up in an antiques store so many miles from their original home?

On a recent treasure hunt I found a scrapbook that dates back to 1944. It chronicles a soldier's experiences in World War II, apparently in Germany, Africa and Japan. That soldier was PVT Robert Winquist. There are photos, typed reports of battles, hometown newspaper articles of local war heroes, as well as greeting cards and letters he received from his wife and family. I am still reading all the interesting mementos, but I want to share parts of this amazing memoir from one America's true heroes, who fought on foreign soil, who often didn't see his family for as long as two years, and fortunately returned home to enjoy the freedom he risked his life for.
For more of this soldier's scrapbook go to Picture This At Last where I have posted some photos, newspaper clippings, and Army documents from 1944 and 1945.
Greeting cards are ageless and have filled scrapbooks and boxes for generations. More often than not it is the sentimental value that makes them family treasures. Sometimes they are just too pretty to toss out. In any case, they are "Made For Keeps"!

These cards are beautifully preserved in the scrapbook, as are the love and feelings expressed in the verses as well as the handwritten notes. Enjoy this little peek into the lives of a World War II veteran and his loved ones.

I love this dried flower that was tucked between the pages. It looks like a carnation.
Just imagine, all my fellow-cardmakers, who might find our cards in 60 years and what might they think about them. I won't be around, but I hope my love and best wishes will live on in my cards.


Carolyn Bounds said...

Amazing!!! Look at all those gorgeous cards filled with heartfelt sentiments!!! Why don't store bought cards look so beautiful anymore? I suppose quantity is more valued than quality in our current time.

What I find incredible is...I recently started putting the cards I receive in one of those super-duper-jumbo-sized Martha Stewart scrapbooks. I found that I had more cards than I had room to store, I have a page for each person along with details about my friendship with him/her. It is my friendship journal so to speak. I was going to mention it on my blog this week and see if some of my friends could email me their photograph to attach to their page. Now, I see this. Wow!


Lauri said...

What a wonderful idea! I have piles of cards and was trying to figure out what to do about them..I think we all hope our cards live on when we have left!

Lynette said...

Very cool! Have you tried to find out if there are any relatives that might like to see the book? That is always our thought when we see old pictures - who gave them away, and who might like to have them.

Nancy said...

Oh my, what a treasure! Those cards are beautiful! I have often wondered when wandering through an antique store how old photos ended up there, where is the family, wouldn't the family like to have them, etc... Seems sad sometimes that a photo that should be with family, even generations later, ends up in a shop for strangers to wonder about.

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Barb this takes me back. I have a box of cards that my mother had that look so very much like these. I haven't dug them out since I began making cards myself but now I surely will... with a much greater apprecitation. Thanks for reminding me. xxD