Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've been tagged for a photo ....

There is a very fun meme going around and my friend Marion tagged me to play. The rules are simple: go into your pictures and open the fourth file then the fourth photo of that file and post it! Easy-peasy! So here is my photo:

This is actually a lantern from a railroad caboose.

I'm very glad that Marion tagged me because she prompted me to do another post that I've been wanting to do for awhile. Along with making cards I am working on building a business as a photographer. I also love Branson, my new home since October 2007. Putting both of those together resulted in another blog, The Family Branson, which hasn't gotten a lot of my attention lately. Playing this meme led to to the photo of the lantern so it seemed the perfect time to get the post written about the cafe that displays this lantern, and others like it. Hop on over to see more of Billy Gail's Cafe, and Branson!

Oh, yea, the other rule is to tag four others to play. I recently sent out a bunch of awards (which tagged a bunch of terrific crafters) so I invite anyone who wishes to play to pull the fourth picture of the fourth file in your pictures folder and share it with us. Ya' never know what you are going to get!


Myrt said...

.....thanks Barb, for playing along and what a great photo - I knew it would be! ....and now I will hop over and have a gander at Billy Gail's Cafe.

DonnaMundinger said...

Fabulous photo Barb! Your photography business should be booming. I'm off to chck out your other site. xxD