Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bah! Humbug! Challenge --- Acetate

Well, it looks like I missed the deadline for Bah! Humbug! this week, but I'm posting this, um, "project" anyway.  Surely someone out there could use a good laugh! 

Last night, or should I say the wee hours of this morning, I was literally trying to do three things at once.  One of those three things was to get a card using acetate for the BH challenge.  Well, the creative side of my brain had already gone to bed so the child in me took over.  Now, this might not technically be acetate, but I found the clear boxes for stationery to be a good substitute.  I had some wintery cutouts from the dollar store and a boatload of snowy Martha Stewart glitter.  So, here it is......... go ahead and laugh --- or groan.  I have!

The background is just a piece of dark blue dp.  The cutouts are mounted with different levels of 3D foam tape.  I added the jewels to the tree for some holiday bling.  With one end of the box securely sealed I poured in the snowy glitter then secured the other end -- quickly!  That's it!  Sort of a snow, um, cube. :) lol

This just might be a good project for kids to do. 

Well, I'm very glad you stopped by today.  If you get this far, thanks for not running away screaming; I mean, that really is one scary snowman!

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Graphicat said...

LOL...oh Barb you've made me laugh! (not at your project!!) but at the wee hours of the morning and you're brain having gone to bed...

You are SO right tho, what a fabulous project for kids of all ages! Must remember this one to do with my "kids" and save some stationary boxes (or um get some...)

PS.... my big black monster kitten is laying beside me helping me blog hop tonight. :o) thought you might appreciate that.... he says "meow"

Chrissie said...

Well, it's certainly different to your normal creations Barb!
I'm not sure that it's quite as scary as you think though and it definitely has artistic touches to it. Oh...and I actually really like the idea of a snow cube lol!

DonnaMundinger said...

Bravo! It was sort of a difficult challenge. I left mine 'til the end too. I love the idea of a snow cube. Actually, I think the snowman looks sort of real. KWIM? Great job! xxD

Myrt said...

.....sometimes it's fun when the "child in us" takes over ....... I'd say this child had a "fun" time.......I think it's rather cute, Barb and a "kewl" idea!