Sunday, July 20, 2008

Patriotic Card

This card is one that I made to celebrate the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and just about any event we want to celebrate our country. When my son moved to the Washington D.C. area a few years ago it gave us the opportunity to make several visits. Prior to that I had not been to the east coast except for a couple of business trips to New York.

I regret that I didn't see this beautiful area earlier in my life. The monuments are bigger than I expected and the stone they are made of whiter. The Viet Nam Memorial is so quiet, even though busy streets are nearby. The World War II Memorial is magnificent and the Smithsonian Museums create a city all their own.

But what was the most awesome wasn't what I saw, but what I felt. Stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and feel the passion of all who have spoken to the crowds lining the reflecting pool; look at the steps of the Capitol Building and feel the spirits of the hundreds of Representatives who have climbed those steps, not to mention the Presidents who have taken the oaths of office there; and walking around the corner at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to see the White House, wondering if the President is just inside or imagining the prior Presidents and their families strolling in the rose gardens.

Whether we are in Washington, D.C., San Diego, Sioux City, or Branson, we celebrate freedom everyday!

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Lauri said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate the US! Washington DC is a phenomenal place! I like the way you used the photographs on the card, makes it very unique!