Friday, July 18, 2008

Expect Miracles

This is another card that I did for the sketch challenge for Take Ten magazine. As it turned out, I didn't send this one to the magazine. I sent it to my Aunt Lorraine instead. Some of you who have been following my other blog Picture This, At Last might remember a post called Prayers Cause Miracles, a testimony to faith and the power of prayer. Aunt Lorraine has been battling many health problems, but when her kidneys began showing signs of failure, we were all very afraid. She took a miraculous turn for the good a few months ago and, though there are occasional bad days, she is a constant source of inspiration for the doctors, her family and her friends.

Tomorrow, Lorraine and my Uncle Earl will be celebrating their 67th Wedding Anniversary. That is not a typo --- 67 years! They still continue to expect miracles, because they know what causes them!

May you all experience many miracles in your lives.!

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Lauri said...

Many congratulations to them! 67 years!! Phenomenal!!!! and a beautiful card to go with it!