Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Still Here!

It has been such a busy time since the wedding last week!

I am still going through photos and they are such fun!

I've been battling allergies and lost a day to a killer sinus headache. My little kids (the 3 dogs) have also been sick with allergies. Little boy Shakes had to go to the vet because he was in respiratory distress from allergies. It got really scary one night when he was gasping for air. He is much better now, though.

I got out of the house today for the first time in a week. The weather is gorgeous here!

The first day back I received the new Whiff of Joy Fall Stamp Kit and the images are darling! I did take time from the computer to color some so you will be seeing these soon. I have a couple of challenges to try to meet this week and hope to get to them. And, of course, the biweekly Sunday Sketch and Stamp is coming up on August 30!

You might notice something new at the top of my sidebar. I have branched out "Made For Keeps" to "Shop Made For Keeps" where cards that I have posted here are available for purchase. I hope to offer photos and other greeting card sets, also. This site is a pre-cursor to a more formal web site and also my Etsy Shop will be opening soon.

I've been blurfing around to catch up with every one and there is so much wonderful creativity going around in the blogosphere! I love it!

Thank you all for your comments on my family photos. Not to sound biased, but they are lovely folks, eh!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be baaaack!


In God We Trust


DonnaMundinger said...

You know I always seem to crash after a vacation Barb. Is it too much fun or what? Sorry to hear you and the "kids" have been under the weather. Take care. Can't wait to see the new Whiff of Joy stuff. xxD

Julie said...

Oh Barb what a wonderful timne you have been having - no wonder you have finally sucummbed to illenss ! slow down sweetie!
Hope your better soon and yes the family looks loveley!
Big Hugs