Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Halloween Cards

Yesterday I made six more Halloween cards, but without the cute kid cutouts. These were fun using designer paper. I loved the witches legs, which were the border on a scrapbook paper, so I made three versions using different colors of cardstock. I still have more ideas, more paper, and stamps I didn't use, but I think I'll move on to fall and holiday cards. Time is flying!


Myrt said... are terrific, Barb, but then I knew they would be as you do such lovely work. I love the lime green and black together - they are all great colour schemes.

Heidi said...

Very cool papers here, Barb! And you did some terrific work with them!

I used to make Halloween cards and send them to other families with children we know, but time has escaped me this year and last.

Carolyn Bounds said...

I have been planning to come back, but time keeps running away from me. I saw these when I last posted a comment, and I love them!!! You are so creative to turn the witchy leg border into the focal point of your cards!!! Clever! Clever!! I really enjoy them!!! I also love the swirls around the ghostly tree. You have created some wonderful cards. I know a boatload of people will be very happy:o)


ChrissyM said...

Terrific halloween cards I love them!!! The witches legs are cool.