Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mo's DP2 Challenge -- Give Thanks!

Mo's DP2 Challenge this week is "Give Thanks" and since Friday is Veteran's Day I chose to make a card thanking the veterans.  Here in Branson, Veteran's week started last Friday, kicked off with a show by Tony Orlando and the display of the traveling Viet Nam Wall.  Branson is the most appreciative town I know when it comes to the veterans.  All shows include patriotic numbers and salute the veterans as well as the active military.  I'm very proud of the programs here and those who make this a memorable experience for the tens of thousands of veterans who visit during Veteran's Week each year.

Two of the first images I fell in love with at Mo's are these adorable kids in the Support the Troops set.  I have a couple of scrapbooking boxes full of military, especially Navy, papers and embellies for when I get around to catching up with my son's career.  In the meantime, those papers are great for this card.

The images just make me tear up, reminding me of all the kids I see sending their dad or mom off to a foreign country fighting for freedom.  Then more tears when they come home.  I'm a sucker for homecomings and will cry buckets every time!

Inside this card is a photo of my son in Kuwait.  It was June 2006 and he was waiting for transportation to Baghdad, Iraq, where he spent the next year. 

I will give him this card Friday when he and his wife come to visit for the weekend, but I can hear him now, "Oh, Mommmmm!"  He gets real embarrassed when I gush over how proud I am of him.  But, gush over him I will, and any other veteran and active military person I see this week!

Thank a vet, shake their hand, smile and pat your hand on your heart.... they will know what that means.  


Cathy said...

Hey GF, your card is gorgeous and I know your son just thinks he is doing his job, my husband was the same way, never wanted anyone making a fuss, but you fuss all you want!!! Your card with his pix is wonderful. Thanks for playing the Mo's Challenge this week.

Lynette said...

Great card, and gush away! He deserves it!

Holly Young said...

please thank your son for his service,,,,and all your family for the sacrifices you give that make his service possible,,,,

and tell him there's a whole blog of people out there "gushing",,,,

see how he likes THAT LOL!

The card is gorgeous, and I know he'll love it,,,,,and you have a very handsome son!

Elaine L. said...

Your card is a wonderful tribute! Those little ones are so cute! Glad you joined us in Mo's Challenge.

Joan Ervin said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who will cry when I see a soldier's homecoming with his/her family....I still remember the pain of sending my DH off to war and the joy of his return!!! Your card is adorable and even though your son says *Ohhh, Moooom* he is really touched that you care!!!