Sunday, October 16, 2011

Endless Reorganizing -- Part 2

Although I really wanted to do some creating this weekend I found myself going into the next phase of reorganizing my studio.  Back in September I reorganized my ribbons so that I could select the colors more easily --- and determine what colors I needed to pick up at the next big Michael's sale.  You can see that post here

Last week my DH was home for a few days so I was able to get another pegboard panel put up where I could display my wooden stamps.  

 This is not necessarily a "before" picture, but more of a "during" picture.  I've had most of my wood mounted stamps in boxes similar to these sitting on top of my Ikea unit.  This unit is nearly 5 feet high and I am nearly 5 foot 3 inches high. Whenever I thought about using a particular stamp I would look up at this tower of boxes and think "Nah, digital again today." This system was not working! 

 I've often coveted the shelves of neatly displayed wood mounted stamps.   So....

 Here is my new stamp wall in progress.  I can go up a couple more rows of shelves.  Now that I can see some of my stamps I don't think I'll have much trouble looking for something for my Oldies But Goodies blog hop entry this week!  The Craftsman work table sitting below the pegboard is currently covered with other things I have yet to put away.  But it will be used primarily for preparing packages for mailing.

 I also made room for my Martha Stewart punches, saving valuable workbench space.  My DH looked at these punches lined up and thought they looked like little toilets.  I guess they do!

 They are actually the punch around sets!  

Many of my cling stamps are housed in CD jewel cases sitting in the wire baskets that the rolls of ribbon used to be in.  Below this wall is a handy Craftsman cabinet that I have set up for stamping.

 Also accomplished this weekend was to move these three cabinets and tool chests so they are all together on one wall.  I love these tool chests!  They are like the mechanics chests made of oak that can cost hundreds of dollars.  I found these at Lowe's Home Improvement a few years ago for a fraction of that.  

The tops open so I make sure not to put things on top of them.  In this chest the top is filled with small punches of assorted shapes and uses.  The drawers are shallow but perfect for packages of  rhinestones, brads, stickers, and embellies.  The cabinets below hold a variety of things from magazines to Stickles. 

 It's important to me to have my materials out in the open where I can easily see them. Now that I am accomplishing that mission there are many materials that I have forgotten about, don't need any more, or simply don't want any longer.  I still have lots of stamps and other materials to put away, but many of them will probably end up for sale or at the local thrift store. 

All of this rearranging is also giving me more space which I hope will be enough to bring in my favorite chair. I get tired of sitting at the computer or drafting table all the time.  With my favorite chair I might NEVER leave the studio!  Now, where to put the coffee pot and mini-firdge?


DonnaMundinger said...

You are making me SOOOO jealous! xxD

Lynette said...

Very, very cool! Organizing is so much fun!!! I'm really jealous of the shelves for your punches. I just told my daughter-in-law that that is what I want.

Joan Ervin said...

WOW, Barb...your studio looks FABULOUS!!!! Now, when you finish yours, you can come on down to Texas and fix mine!!!!!

Mina said...

oh my goodness Barb can I come stay please...just a few days playing with this lot would be bliss...and how many Martha Stewart punches have you got girl...makes my three look pitiful
Mina xxx

Chrissie said...

Oh my gosh, now I'm REALLY jealous!!!
Err, how much stuff do you have??
I'm going to show these photos to my DH so he realises how frugal I really am ha ha!
lol Chrissie xx