Monday, November 8, 2010

My New 'TUDE!

Well, what a surprise when I hopped over to check in on Cheri and Monster kitty Graphicat Creations  only to find that she has nominiated my blog for "Attitude" blog award. 

Isn't this great?!  Now it's my turn to list three things that give me the 'Tude and nominate 5 more bloggers with Attitude!

1.  I love my camera and my Copics equally
2.  I love to be in my studio which never stays neat and tidy for more than one project
3.  I love my big black truck!

Now for 5 of my favorite bloggers who have the 'Tude:
1. Peggy, the Wired Angel
2. Heather and her Fresh Brewed Designs
3. Donna and her Popsicle Toes
4. Lorie at her Thinkin' Spot
5. Gloria's Gingerbread and Pansies

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Graphicat said...

You do have the "Tude" GF!! :o)
Monser Kitten Says so.
PS...I too love my camera and copics equally. ;o)

Lorie said...

From one girl with "tude" to another, THANKS!!!!

Love ya,