Monday, December 3, 2012

November, a Month of Ups and Downs

November was a month of so much activity that I actually never got around to changing the page on my kitchen calendar!  

At the beginning of the month I started another round of physical therapy for my neck, this time three times per week.  I have one more week to go but won't know if it has to continue until I see the doctor next month.

In the early morning hours of November 7 my mom was rushed to the hospital with severe pains in her chest area.  Quick response and comprehensive testing ruled out any heart problems but pointed directly to her gall bladder.  Surgery was recommended --- ASAP.  We are grateful to the ER staff at Skaggs Hospital in Branson for their competent and caring treatment.  Top notch!

So, the day before Thanksgiving mom had gall bladder surgery, which went very well.  I brought her home within just a few hours and she rested comfortably.  

In the wee hours of last Thursday Mom once again had an emergency.  She fell in her home and suspected a pelvis or hip injury.  Sure enough, she cracked her pelvis --- very painful.  Our Branson ER was full so the ambulance had to take her to Cox South in Springfield.  A 45 minute ride on a back board, not comfortable.  Unfortunately, I can't give the same kudos to this hospital ER that I did for Branson Skaggs.  Not by a long shot.  Her husband and I brought her home and had quite a time trying to get her in the house and into bed.  She was so medicated but still in severe pain which made it very hard to move her.  But Mom is home and beginning to move about with help getting up and down.  I live two houses away from her, plus my sister came down from Iowa for the weekend and my hubby was off the road for a couple of days.  I am sooooo grateful for their help.  

Somehow in between all of this I did get quite a few cards made but haven't gotten them posted.  I'm going to start by showing you some boxed sets that I made for a little gift shop here in Branson.  All of the images are from a Dover Publications Vintage Christmas CD.

Each box has six cards of the same design and have been pretty popular.  I'll have more to show you soon.  As it does every year, Christmas approaches very quickly.  This year it seems to be coming at warp speed!

I hope you all are having great fun making creative Christmas and holiday cards and decorations.  I have been visiting many blogs and there is so much amazing ingenuity out there!

To continue the little feature I started a few weeks ago, here is the question for contemplation for this post:
What is the best $100 dollars you have ever spent in your life?
For me one thing would have to be the first $100 dollars I spent on Copic markers.  They have revived my coloring and painting passions.  I'm finding so many new artistic creations to use them with.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Caroline said...

Beautiful selection of card's and I hope everything is OK now. Big hugs Caroline xxx

Lynette said...

Gorgeous cards, Barb. Oh my gosh, what a month you had! I hope your December is much less "eventful." And I hope your therapy has helped you and that your mom will be OK now.