Monday, July 11, 2011

Eight Reasons I've Been AWOL

Once again I've been AWOL for awhile.  Some of you know that I also do photography as well as paper crafting, and for over a year I've photographed weddings at  The Hummingbird Inn, a local bed & breakfast that also specializes in small intimate weddings.  The grounds around the Inn are gorgeous and the view across the Ozarks hills north of Branson is breathtaking.  I love doing shoots there.  Well, last week I found myself doing eight weddings in five days, and all five days were record heat indexes!  I thought I'd show a sample of another side of my world. 

We have so many locations for outdoor weddings: The beautiful garden below, a gazebo, a large meadow overlooking the view, a barn complete with a "hitchin' post", a  large deck with hummingbirds feeding even during the ceremony.  During inclement weather we have a beautiful fireplace in a vintage parlor that many choose for the ceremony.  Every wedding is different and never dull! In this more casual atmosphere we have alot of fun.  The weddings are often just the bride and groom but we have had parties as large as 45, the average being about 15 guests.  They are informal or very formal; from the young first marriages to mature remarriages and everything inbetween.  We've had vow renewals and even couples marrying again after they were divorced -- those are really touching.  All are joyful and I can get so wrapped up in the celebration.

I have eight more weddings scheduled before the 23rd of this month.  Then comes the wedding I will get to see with both eyes and not through the lens of the camera --- my son's on the 29th!  With that so front of mind every one of these weddings at the Inn make me cry.  I guess I am just gearing up for the gusher I know I will have at Scott's wedding!

Thanks for indulging me a post without a single scrap of paper in it.  I hope your week is off to a great start!

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Lauri said...

wow! how much fun!!!! I especially love the black and white are one busy lady!

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh I LOVE weddings (and I always cry, even when they're just on film.) How uplifting it is to share a couple's special day. Makes you believe in Happily Ever After. Gorgeous pix, GF. xxD